SafeToNet, the award-winning intelligent app that analyses online behaviour to identify concerns, filter risk and provide advice and guidance in real-time.

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Giving You An Insight Into Their Digital World


Digital Wellbeing

Receive notifications when your child's online behaviour changes and risk levels increase. Better understand their digital wellbeing without spying or prying.

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Safety Score and Alerts

See a real-time dashboard that shows the risk level your child faces online. Benchmark against other children of a similar age and gender to make better and more informed decisions. Receive alerts about worrying social media trends and dangerous apps.


Device Management

Use the insights you are given to better manage your child’s device and apps. Limit access to harmful websites and lock the device when it’s lights out or homework time.


Maintaining a Child's Privacy

Maintaining a Child's Privacy

SafeToNet’s unique approach gives parents insights into their child’s digital wellbeing without disclosing what is sent or received. It’s a safeguarding solution that does not compromise privacy.

Real-time Advice and Guidance

Real-time Advice and Guidance

SafeToNet detects signs for concern such as bullying, inappropriate messages and images. It automatically warns your child if it detects risks and helps them steer a safer path.

Filtering Risk

Filtering Risk

Advanced features check and automatically filter outgoing messages and images that can harm your child.

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SafeToNet helps parents look after children online when they are using their devices. It flags up language and specific photos being sent to children.

Sky News

Steve Wright in the afternoon discusses online risks with SafeToNet's CEO and explores the world of child safety online.

BBC Radio 2
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SafeToNet... assesses what is harmful and sends a warning before damage is done. Our Group Test Winner.

The Sun
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Safer London are thrilled SafeToNet have launched their app. This is a huge step forward for safeguarding and keeping children safer online.

Safer London
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At last technology has stepped up, it recognises its responsibilities and is safeguarding our children online...
Thank you SafeToNet.

Julia Hartley Brewer, Broadcaster

There is always a first. And with SafeToNet that’s definitely the case. They have demonstrated a unique and sensitive approach to patterning human behavior by combining the latest psychological and clinical research, with impressive machine learning techniques.

Jordi Martin, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

SafeToNet’s powerful features are fully automated. The algorithms use continuous learning techniques that improve over time often revealing concerns that both you and your child may not be aware of.

Text Filters

Text Filters

SafeToNet automatically analyses outgoing messages for areas of concern such as bullying and sexting. It will remove harmful words and advise your child of the risks in real-time.

Image Filters

Image Filters

SafeToNet can detect inappropriate images such as nudity on your child’s device and render them unusable. Parents never get to see the image unless their child lets them.

Select the Most Appropriate Plan

You can try both plans for free for a month and cancel at any time if it does not suit your family circumstances.


Get started into the world of automated safeguarding by using core device management tools.

  • Safety Indicator - At a glance safety status.
  • Benchmarking - Coming soon. Compare with children of similar age and gender.
  • Device Usage Statistics - Detailed data on the apps your child has installed on their device.
  • Scheduled Device Lock - Schedule regular times to lock your child’s device.
  • Immediate Device Lock - Immediately lock your child’s device.
  • Web Browsing Filter - Limit access to inappropriate websites and unsafe content.
  • Trend Alerts - Be notified of worrying trends on social media.
  • See and Hide Apps - See all apps and apply age-rated filters.
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All of the Essential Plan features with added intelligence and deeper insights into online concerns and your child’s digital wellbeing.

  • Pro Safety Score - More detailed safety score using content analytics to enhance safety.
  • Cyberbullying Analyser - Detects signs of your child bullying others. Filters outgoing messages and provides pop-up safety guidance.
  • Sext Checker - Checks outgoing messages in real-time and removes inappropriate and potentially damaging language.
  • Digital Wellbeing - Coming soon. Insights into your child's trending online moods as they change over time.
  • Image Filter - Quarantines images of nudity found on device gallery.
  • Warnings Before Action - Coming soon. Guides child in real-time of concerns with their outgoing messages. Warns and guides before notifying parent of concern.
  • Real-time Advice - Provides real-time safety advice to child as they are typing.
£4.99 Month
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iOS and Android