SafeToNet’s award-winning software safeguards children and youngsters from online risks such as bullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression. It stops the young from making mistakes and prevents harmful messages from being sent on social networks and messaging apps.

The software wraps its arms around your child and then learns and detects changes in their patterns of behaviour. The software is trained to search for mental wellbeing issues, predatory behaviour and harmful images. Perhaps most importantly, it educates, guides and informs children and parents in real-time when risks arise.

SafeToNet’s artificial intelligence systems are cutting edge. The more they are used the more accurate they become. Most importantly the systems are fully automated and do not require human intervention to review content. Parents never get to see what their child sends and receives. This means that a child’s rights to data privacy are fully maintained.

Coming soon, August 2018, our brand new app with great new features including the world’s first Sext checker and individual app disabler.

The SafeToNet Journey

When you first download and activate SafeToNet you start a safeguarding journey. The software wraps its arms around your child and gets to know them. It learns their behavioural patterns, the language they use and the ways they interact.

This means the software may be inaccurate initially as it might not get everything right. You remember how you first bought from Amazon and it subsequently recommended strange things you might want to buy? Well, SafeToNet might filter the wrong things initially but over time it will learn and become more accurate. That is why it is free for the first month. So, please give it some time, trust that it is learning and soon you will find that your child will be safer online.

SafeToNet’s patent protected software uses artificial intelligence to contextualise the messages that children send. Its behavioural analytics engines search for reactions to harmful content and messages. It continually learns new patterns, words and phrases so that it is filtering technology becomes more accurate over time.

SafeToNet does not spy, pry or snoop. It recognises the privacy rights of young people on line and does not show parents the content of messages sent or received.

We believe that effective safeguarding of children and young people is about more than simply blocking devices or apps. All too often this approach is counter productive and results in family arguments and distrust between parents and children.
Parents have been known to use these types of controls as punishment leading young people to keep their concerns and problems secret to avoid having their device taken away. Taking the device away rarely changes anything as when it is returned the risks are still there if not greater.

SafeToNet is not just an app, it is an automated and sophisticated journey in safeguarding that picks up trends, dangers and alerts from around the world to better inform parents and children about online risks. By using technological innovation and expert advice SafeToNet is setting the global standard in online safety and informed safeguarding. As your safeguarding journey progresses and the software learns more about your child’s digital footprint, it will add new and powerful features without charging you any more money. As the software gets stronger your children will become safer.

Social Enabler

Due to the ineffectiveness of parental control solutions on social media and other internet platforms, posted content is un-filtered and un-moderated. Young people can receive and send abusive or inappropriate content without understanding the consequences of their actions. SafeToNet filters outgoing harmful messages in real-time to help liberate the young online leaving them free to use the internet and social networks without fear of exploitation, molestation, or extortion.

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