SafeToNet liberates children so they fully engage with, and benefit from, the internet without fear of exploitation, molestation, or extortion. We do this by providing expert information and intelligent tools that empower Informed Safeguarding.

We are an award-winning British technology company, setting the standard for e-safety. We lead the way in safeguarding children and protecting families online through technological innovation. SafeToNet’s fundamental mission is to safeguard children from harmful content in real-time, preventing damage from occurring, damage which can have a devastating impact on people’s lives.


What we do

Due to the ineffectiveness of “parental control” solutions on social media and other internet platforms, posts are un-filtered and unmoderated, meaning that young users can still receive and even post abusive or inappropriate content, exposing them to the undesired consequences of online activity on public forums.

SafeToNet addresses the concerns of parents and young people through a rich set of features that tackle pernicious problems such as sexting, while respecting children’s rights to privacy.

SafeToNet continues to develop world-leading technologies to automatically detect harmful content sent and received online. It then in real-time takes pre-emptive action to safeguard children from this content.

It does not restrict a child’s online presence but liberates them to interact and explore with safety and without hindrance. It is a social enabler.

SafeToNet’s purpose is also to inform parents and children of online risks through Advice and Guidance, and to guide them how to use SafeToNet’s Intelligent Tools to help safeguard their children.

We call this “Informed Safeguarding’.


Industry Recognition

In September 2016, we won the Future Mobile Infinity Lab Award, a competition organised by BT and EE for mobile phone technologies, where we presented our ability to block individual apps on iPhones.

Following that, we presented our technology in front of an international audience of influencers at the Pitch@Palace, an event attended by and under the patronage of HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and received backing from Telefonica through its Wayra Accelerator program and interest from other global mobile network operators.

In February 2017, Safetonet won the Best British Mobile Start-up Award at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest telecommunications congress attended by the most influential and powerful mobile network companies worldwide.

This recognition put us on a development acceleration track and created opportunities to promote our software, and awareness of the social networking problem, worldwide in partnership with the UK’s most recognisable organisations such as the Internet Watch Foundation, Anti-Bullying Alliance, Safer London, Internet Matters and 5Rights.

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