Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about. However, if you cannot find what you're looking for, please get in touch.

What is SafeToNet?

SafeToNet’s award-winning software safeguards children and youngsters from online risks such as bullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression. It stops the young from making mistakes and prevents harmful messages from being sent on social networks and messaging apps.

Who is SafeToNet for?

SafeToNet has been created as a tool to support parents and legal guardians to safeguard their children against online risks. Our app aims to be a tool for children and young adults to allow them to explore the internet and establish relationships in a safer environment, and keep them from putting themselves in a position of risk. For this, we have developed an app that uses advanced technology and natural language processing to detect when a child is in danger, allowing parents to be alerted of this in real time.

What kind of phone can I use and what is the compatibility of the app?

You can use any model or make as long as it is a mobile device that runs on Android 6 or higher. Very soon you will also be able to enjoy the iOS version of our app available for the devices running on iOS 10 or higher.

Where are you going to be launching SafeToNet?

SafeToNet will be launched in the UK, Spain and Germany to begin with, with more countries along the way.

How does SafeToNet work?

SafeToNet uses industry leading technology including artificial intelligence to analyse the messages that children send online. Computers are better than humans at detecting changes to behavioural patterns which is exactly what the SafeToNet software does. It then looks for risks that can hurt or harm a child and links those risks to the behaviour patterns to find areas of concern. The software never shows a parent what the child sent or shared. It is fully automated.

How do I download & install SafeToNet?

You can download and install SafeToNet today in 3 simple steps!


  • Download by visiting Google Play Store
  • Search for “SafeToNet” in the Google Play Store
  • Press ‘Download’ and wait for the app to be installed on your device
How can I manage my subscription?

Your payment subscription is managed by your mobile application platform –  PlayStore for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. You can access you Play Store or App Store account to activate, manage or cancel your subscription

How many devices can I add per account?

Each parent account can add a total of 20 child devices.

How do I set up an account as a parent?

To set up a parent account you will be required to complete the following steps:


  • Tap on ‘Parent’s Device’ when entering the app;
  • Tap on ‘New user? Create an Account’;
  • Insert ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, and ‘Email Address’;
  • Insert chosen password;
  • Insert ‘Country of Residence’ and ‘Mobile Number’ – *Please be mindful of the number you insert here, as this is the primary number linked to your account;
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Confirm chosen email address.


For a complete step-by-step parent onboarding guide please read our Parent Onboarding Android guide.

How many parent accounts can be added per subscription?

You can add 1 parent account per subscription. Although the parent account could run on different devices at the same time, for security and functionality reasons, we recommend keeping it restricted to one main device, as it could cause clashes between commands if both parents try to action them at the same time.

How can I add/create a child’s account?

To begin the onboarding process for your child’s device you will need to complete the following steps with your child. You will have to be able to access yours and your child’s device:


  1. Create your child’s profile on your parent’s dashboard;
  2. Insert your child’s age, gender and country of residence’
  3. Read and accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy;
  4. Enter the provided 8-digit code on the child’s device;
  5. Your child will give their consent to have SafeToNet installed on their device;
  6. Your child will be asked to read and accept their ‘Rights’ explained in plain English;
  7. Allow ‘Usage Data Access’;
  8. Allow ‘Device Administrator’;
  9. Allow ‘VPN Access’;
  10. You are now ready to use the app.


For a complete step-by-step child onboarding guide:


If your child is under 13 years old Child Onboarding Under 13 – Android

If your child is 13 years old or over Child Onboarding Over 13 – Android

How can I see whether my child’s device has been connected successfully?

On the parent dashboard you will find a little dot at the top of your child’s profile picture.


  • If the dot is green and your child’s profile picture is clear, you can be reassured that you have successfully connected your child’s device.
  • If instead a red circle with an exclamation mark is showing, that means that the connection is not yet fully completed. In this case the app will automatically prompt you to take the necessary steps to restore it.


If you  realise that your child’s device is still not successfully connected, please don’t hesitate to contact support.


A visual guide is also available here to help parents navigate the app.

Can I regenerate the 8 digit code for connecting my child’s device?

In certain circumstances you might need to regenerate the 8-digit code that is needed during the set up of the child account. This is necessary in the case where the parent or child had used the 8-digit code once but the connection process had not been completed or was not successful. It is not possible to use the 8 digit code twice and so to connect the child’s device successfully in another attempt. You can easily do this on the parent account during the process of adding a child account. On the screen that displays the current 8-digit number you can just touch the button that says ‘Regenerate 8-digit code’ and a new 8-digit code will appear.

Can I see the content that my child is seeing, sending and receiving?

SafeToNet’s goal is to act as a safeguarding tool to help open the dialog between parents and children about the issues that may arise when exploring the online world. We exist to raise the child’s awareness and to notify parents, encouraging conversation, while respecting the younger ones’ privacy. Our app upholds the value of a child’s right to privacy, this is why it never shares any of the content the child is sending or receiving with the parents. As a parent, you will not be able to see the content of any messages or images sent by your child unless they willingly choose to show you. Only when appropriate, we inform parents as to the types or themes of concern raised by a child’s behaviour or interactivity.

My child has been successfully connected to my device, but it now shows as though it has been disconnected. What could it be?

If your child’s device has successfully been connected to your device but the status shows as disconnected it could be for the following reasons:


  1. Your child logging out of the app;
  2. SafeToNet has been uninstalled from your child’s device;
  3. Another VPN has been installed;


On all of these occasions, however, you as a parent will receive a notification alerting you of these actions. If none of the above occurred, it could also be that your child’s device ran out of battery or a temporary loss of phone signal (e.g. airplane mode).


If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact customer support.

What are the colour dots at the top of my child’s profile picture?

We understand the need for parents to easily see whether their child’s device is successfully connected. The connection of the child’s device is denoted by a small dot at the top of the child’s profile picture, which will change according to the following scenarios:


  • When a parent decides to lock the child’s device, the child’s profile will become grey and the small dot will show a lock icon.
  • In case the child’s device isn’t connected to the parent’s device, the child’s profile and the small dot will turn red and an exclamation mark will appear on it.
  • If the device is connected, the child’s profile will show a green small dot and a clear profile picture.


A visual guide is also available here to help parents navigate the app.

What do the symbols on my dashboard mean?

As we understand that learning how a new app works can sometimes be a challenging process, we at SafeToNet have created a visual guide to help parents navigate the app.

How can I set time schedules?

Setting time schedules for your child’s device is as simple as setting up an alarm clock on your phone. You can select the day(s), Start Time and End Time of when you would like to apply the time schedules to your child’s device. A high level of customisation is available for time schedules allowing you to set up limited access to individual apps or a set of apps.


A visual guide is also available here to help parents navigate the app.

What different notifications is SafeToNet sending me?

SafeToNet provides two different types of notifications to parents:

1) The General notifications which will give you information about new apps, their risks, new online trends and new potential threats in the online world.

2) The personalised notifications which are directly related to your child’s activity on their device. It will for example alert you when your child removes permissions or removes SafeToNet from the device.


A visual guide is also available here to help parents navigate the app.

How do I lock/unlock my child’s device?

To submit a lock/unlock command to your child’s device, you are required to complete the following steps:


  1. Open the parent dashboard on your parent device and tap on the device you would like to apply the command to;
  2. Choose ‘More’ in the ‘Safeguarding Status’ section on the device profile;
  3. You will find the ‘Lock Device’ option in the bottom of that page;
  4. When grey it means that the device is unlocked. To lock it, slide the button to the right, turning it orange.
  5. The changes will be reflected on your child’s profile picture.


A visual guide is also available here to help parents navigate the app.

What if I’m unable to unlock my child’s device?

If the Lock Device button is grey and your child is still unable to access the device, check that the internet connection on both devices is still strong and that your child is successfully connected to your device. Sometimes commands can take a bit longer if there is a poor internet connection.


If you have tried this and are still facing the same issue, please do not hesitate to contact support.

If my child is on the phone and the device is locked, will the lock terminate an ongoing call? Can my child call me if device is locked?

If a parent locks the child’s device while the child is on an ongoing phone call, this command will terminate the call.

As we understand the importance of being contactable in case of an emergency, the child will still be able to receive and make phone calls during a device lock.

If I log out from SafeToNet as a parent, will the connection between my child’s device and mine be lost?

Deciding to logout of the app on a parent’s device will not disconnect the child’s device from the parent’s. SafeToNet will continue to run on the child’s device normally.


Can the child log out or remove SafeToNet?

A child has the ability to logout of SafeToNet’s app, however, when doing this, they will be prompted to enter their parent’s password to complete this action. The child will also be able to remove it from their device, however the parent will be notified if this occurs. Please bear in mind that logging out/removing the app will mean losing all the data from the child’s profile and having to create a new one when you are ready to use SafeToNet again.

What happens if I remove a child’s device from my parent’s account?

Removing a child’s device profile that hasn’t yet been successfully connected will not impact you in any way. However, if the connection had already been successfully completed, deleting it will break the connection between the parent’s and the child’s device. Please bear in mind that this action can result in significant loss of profile information and statistics collected on that particular device.

How do I change the details of my parent account? And my child’s details?

You will be able to change your profile details as well as the one’s of your child’s profile. You can do so by going to the profile settings on your dashboard or the device bubble respectively. The only detail that is currently not amendable is the phone number used to register on the parent account, as this is the primary number to which your account will be linked to.

How can I recover my password as a parent?

If you have lost or forgotten your password as a parent, you will be able to reset it when trying to log into SafeToNet. To reset the password:


  1. Tap on “Forgotten Password?”;
  2. Insert the email address you signed up with;
  3. Once you press send you will receive an email with a reset link that will allow you to the reset the password.
If I lose my device as a parent, can I log in to SafeToNet from a different device?

As a parent you will be able to use your normal log in credential to enter your account on another device. We do, however, recommend in this situation to prompt a change in password, as to avoid any breaches to yours and your child’s data stored on your profile.

My child is turning 13 in a week and has received a notification saying that they can freeze SafeToNet on their device. What does this mean?

SafeToNet takes its duties to respect the privacy rights of those people that use our services extremely seriously. We have devoted considerable time, resources and expenses to establish a robust governance structure managing privacy and safeguarding considerations.


In compliance with ICO guidance, our software uses the date of birth to recognise when a child reaches the age of 13 in UK and Spain, or the age of 16 in Germany, to identify when the child gains autonomy to consent to the use of our technology on their devices. Your child is given clear information on how the software collects, uses and keeps their personal data. We also make sure to advise your child of their rights as we ensure that SafeToNet Services fulfil the fundamental purpose of protecting children in a way that puts individuals (including the children) in control of how their data is used.