SafeToNet Privacy Impact Assessment


There are three key groups that SafeToNet interacts with and whose privacy and rights we are always mindful of:

  1. Subscriber (User) – The person who pays for the licence, usually a parent or guardian electing to safeguard their legal dependents or it could be the person who is protected by SafeToNet themselves
  2. Dependents – Typically a child aged between 6 and 16, a legal dependent of the User
  3. Non-subscribing Users – A person who is not safeguarded by SafeToNet but who sends messages to, or receives messages from, a User or dependent – usually a friend or follower on social media


When you register with SafeToNet (before you start using the service) you will be asked to accept our Terms of Use Policy, which includes our privacy policy. Plain English versions of this are available to ensure that it is easy to understand and accessible.

Any personal data we hold about you, your children or the people they interact with online is:

  1. Encrypted, compressed and stored securely on the SafeToNet server / partners servers
  2. Backed up every day and retained for a period of 12 months
  3. Kept for as long as the User is a subscriber. When an account is terminated the User’s data is deleted within 90 days or anonymised and kept
    • Then, when a child reaches the age of 18, SafeToNet automatically stops protecting them, and all data held on them is either deleted or anonymised and stored in patterns for future reference and reporting.
  4. Users are sent an automatic email every three months to check that the personal data we hold for them is correct and up to date
  5. A young person over the age of 13 or parent can contact SafeToNet to ask what personal information is held about them and SafeToNet commits to responding to any such request within 45 days


  1. SafeToNet’s role is to prevent harmful content from being viewed and causing damage
  2. We don’t snoop on children and young people, and we work hard to maintain their privacy
  3. Young people (aged 13 or over) must give their parent the permission to have SafeToNet installed on their phones and must also grant SafeToNet access to their social media accounts. A parent must also confirm that they are the legal guardian of a child before they can start using our service:
    • We also protect the privacy of the people your children interact with online. Our role is not to accuse or blame, but to stop any harm from being done in the first place, thereby neutralising the threat
    • Content is viewed and analysed by machines. Crucially, nothing is seen by a human eye. If a message is blocked, the identity of the sender cannot be identified and the content is not seen, protecting the privacy and rights of both the child and the people they interact with online
  4. We also ensure that your child’s contacts, friends and followers are aware that they are being protected by SafeToNet and understand that any messages they send to them will be analysed by our software
  5. When a dependent first gives SafeToNet access to their social media accounts the software records the publicly available details of all their contacts and they will then be notified that your child is now protected by SafeToNet. As young people make new friends online these people receive a message