Sext Filtering

Children sometimes fail to understand the risks they face when being intimate online and can send inappropriate images of themselves which end up in the wrong hands. The consequences for both the senders and recipients of sext messages can be devastating. Children can be placed on the sex offenders register, be criminalised and place themselves at risk of sextortion, depression and bullying.

Unique Technology

SafeToNet’s patent protected intelligent sext filtering software is the first of its type in the world. It filters inappropriate outgoing text and images in real-time.


Inappropriate Image Scan

On installing SafeToNet, the device is scanned for images of a sexual nature. Should an inappropriate image be detected in a child’s photo library, it is quarantined, thumb-nailed and degraded. It is important to note that the image is not deleted and can, with the parent’s automated permission, be restored. Be aware that if the SafeToNet app is removed then any images which are quarantined will be permanently lost.

Content Review

The child can see the thumb-nailed images albeit cannot use or access them. If the child feels that an image has been incorrectly thumb-nailed then they can highlight it and authorise their parent to view it. If the parent agrees that the image is not harmful then it is restored to its original condition on the child’s image photo library. Note, the parent cannot see those thumb-nailed images that the child does not want them to see.

Intelligent Keyboard

Online conversations encouraging children to send inappropriate images of themselves commonly use a mix of regular typed characters or letters and/or emojis, often in an almost impenetrable code. SafeToNet’s safeguarding keyboard uses artificial intelligence and links to a trained database of keywords, phrases and codes related to sexting.

Word and Phrase Filtering

The software’s in-built intelligent systems determine the sentiment of messages being typed and removes inappropriate words and phrases that suggest an intimate discussion is taking place. It notifies the child of the risks they face and that their actions may harm them.

Camera Locking

Should the software detect intimate messages, it will filter the message and automatically disable the camera on the device for one minute. The child is sent a notification however the parent is not informed. The child is given a chance to learn from their mistakes without fear of reprimand from their parent.

Three Strikes System

Children have rights to privacy, especially if they are over 13 years of age. However, youthful exuberance can sometimes get the better of them and they can persist in their actions. If they continue to write or attempt to send intimate messages that may harm them, the software will lock the camera for a longer period each time. However, on the third time within a 24 hour period, the software will notify the child that their parent will be alerted and be given the option to lock the child’s device.

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